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Thank you for your interest in Scarlet Hope! Whether you’re looking to make a donation, volunteer with us, or just find out what we’re all about, we are honored that you would take the time to hear our story and find out all that God is doing in the life of our ministry.

Scarlet Hope exists to share the hope and love of Jesus Christ with women in the adult entertainment industry. We believe that when Jesus gave us the Great Commission, He didn’t just tell us to share the Good News when people ask us about it; He commanded us to GO. As a group of God-fearing men and women, we meet people where they are, and through relationship building, we share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We invite you to witness some of the amazing things God is doing in and through Scarlet Hope. Ministry can be messy, and sometimes even heartbreaking, but seeing the Light of our great God shine into the darkness is a one-of-a-kind experience.

This is our story—our past, our present, and even where we see God taking us in the future.

Rachelle Starr
Founder & Executive Director